Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

A combined and mutually advantageous business partnership among merchants, retailers, website owners is called an affiliate marketing wherein an affiliate is waged for each guest or customer being offered through efforts. The moment when a client creates a purchase of products or services, part of the income produced from a certain transaction is attributed to the affiliate’s account which is entitled as a directive.

On the other hand, if you relate it like a coin, the affiliate marketing program has its visible and reverse part along with its pros and cons.


  • Dealers benefit a wider position when it comes to marketing their products and service which results to gaining clients and increasing sales.
  • Traders take an advantage when it comes to expanding the number of customers which shows without exerting on valuable time in looking for them.
  • Having access on programs which can trace down collective statistics from affiliate sites which offer trusted and current customer culture on trends and does not have extra cost for demands.
  • The affiliate marketing program offers a stress-free method in making extra sources of profit for website owners such as creating banners of traders which generated products create direct sales where they can gain commissions.
  • A requirement of a measurable investment on any part of the affiliate is not necessary.
  • An affiliate will not worry too much when it comes to customer support along with book keeping and other related pains in affiliate marketing because traders can deal with it all. What the affiliate is required to do is advertise and market the items.
  • An affiliate marketer gets to experience the happiness and comfort of being in control and wok on his own schedule.
  • An affiliate marketer can preserve hos current work plus gaining an affiliate marketing profit to support the financial position just by having a laptop and internet connection, anyone can work anywhere they want to be.
  • For customers, they do not need to drive to the trader’s store to be physically present in purchasing the items.


  • There are chances wherein that some traders may experience increased commission rates and expensive set ups along with maintenance fees because of the affiliate organizers.
  • There are affiliates wherein they may involve in fake and deceptive promotions in gaining sales commissions. Although there are some affiliates that create claims and vows about the items and services which go completely exaggerated such as in cases wherein the traders usually encounter complaints and lose possible buyers.
  • Untrusted and dishonest traders may randomly shut down programs without giving a warning to the affiliates plus without paying the remaining commissions.
  • There are some traders wherein they promise high commissions to deceive new affiliates then goes down to the commission costs after a week.
  • Link hijackers can access the affiliated links then gets the advantage of being paid for the commission.
  • In some cases, there are also fake promotions along with illegal use of trade identity, logos and brand names.

Despite the disadvantages, the affiliate marketing still maintains as one of the greatest methods to gaining money online. There are some marketers who purely understand that by doing their job well and research first, the implementation of basic security measures, it can easily contradict all the cons In order to fulfill the joy and experience the benefits of the affiliate marketing guide.

Author: Judy Sim

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