Commission Autopilot Review | How to Earn and Get Traffic

Commission Autopilot Review
Want to make money online? One software program that offer you ways to earn an income from the internet is the Commission Autopilot. It is an automated software program intended for anyone that would like to get a decent income online through Internet marketing. It is created by Paul Ponna, an expert internet marketing guru.

Commission Autopilot Features

Commission Activator (CA)

      1. First, you should enter keyword into CA.


      2. Second, The software starts finding Google and other search engines for an article that is related on the keyword you entered.


      3. Third, You will pick 1 article from the list it generated.


      4. Fourth, Input your preferred message.


      5. Fifth, After making some changes, add your affiliate link


    6. And lastly, export as a PDF file.

Commission Multiplier
This will going to send the article you picked from CA across the internet.

      1. First of all, after creating the document from the Commission Activator, load it here.


      2. Next is, you add a title, and choose a category.


    3. Finally, distribute your message to 18 different download websites that offer free download option.

The whole idea is, other will find your document, download it, reads it, click your affiliate link and in time buy a product from you. And that’s the time you earn an affiliate commission.

There are videos and other tools that shows you instruction and guide on how to setup the software. Moreover, it also includes the list of 18 websites where you are going to send the content generated from Commission Activator.

Commission Autopilot have a FAQ section which can be viewed for members only in their website. Support section is also available if you have any concerns or questions. But there are no support group to contact if ever you got stuck at something.


      § First, it is provided with different tools to get your software running


      § Next, Understandable and easy to follow Instructional videos


    § Third, it offers a 60 day money back guarantee


      § First, it doesn’t offer a free trial


      § Second, the software picks other people’s content and gives you the credit for it.


    § Third, it does not apply some rules of SEO because you did not create the article/content.

The price of the software suite is $47 (37 special discount after trying and clicking out of their site). Have 3 up-sells which are offered after you buy the software.

As a summary, the internet is a zone filled with money-making niche and it’s not that easy to make money online. But the marketing strategy offered by Commission Autopilot will push you to try the system. It can be an amazing programs if used properly and wisely. Even this product is autopilot, one should put some effort and little focus to make money on the web.

You can get Commission Autopilot here!

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