Paid Social Media Jobs Does It Work? | A Review

Paid Social Media Jobs Review

Are you struggling and financially troubled now, and want to be financially secure? The Paid Social Media Jobs (PSMJ) marketplace is a place for you to get freelance jobs. It is through selling social media services like setting up social media accounts with facebook, pinterest, twitter, etc. Since most businesses nowadays have Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts and owners usually don’t have the time to do the work themselves, therefore, they will hire someone and pay them to do the work. Tasks may include managing, monitoring and promoting the business for them. At PSMJ, you will learn the trick and tips on how to make money through working with social media. This can help change your life drastically and work right at the comfort of your own home.


Paid Social Media Jobs Overview

Paid Social Media Jobs is a legitimate business model that provide you with a work-at-home and home-business-wise opportunity. There are courses provided to help you with the “how” solution to do the tasks and duties of a social media manager. There are easy and awesome tasks on social media like getting Facebook likes on a page/post, create YouTube accounts and upload videos, port certain number of times to a Facebook wall,etc. Then apply for jobs within just a minute that you can remotely work on and interested in.


How to Make Money from Home

After testing out the system, here are the overview on how you should start in PSMJ strategically:

  • Start creating a “stunning resume”. By this way, you will attract employers to hire you as a freelancer to handle their social media accounts
  • Market your expertise and convince clients to trust you with their social media accounts
  • Then, once you landed that job, you have to write a legally documented agreement with your client and then start to perform the expertise you stated on your profile.
  • Manage your client’s expectation and give them value for their money. You can create and post content on social media and schedule them for optimal visibility.
  • And lastly, charge your client’s on the service rendered and don’t forget to chase them for any overdue payments

You can also get sample of products and services from clients as part of your duty like tablet computers, sunglasses,household products and other items. This is to ensure that you know enough about their business.

Site Pricing

Paid Social Media Jobs has a 3 day trial to look over the site. Then $47 for the membership after the trial period is up. For full membership, you will be charged $77 dollars and get full access to their list and software tools. The site also advertises this price of $47 marked down from $97. The reason for the charge is because there is no charge taken out of the fee for each task you finished.

Site Support

There are tons of videos and eBooks you can read and watch. Applying for jobs are also easy because the site has a proposal template to use on your application. You can change some information and personalized, which are different for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,etc. This can be used either for beginners, intermediate or advanced users.

Should You Join/Use

In this day, social media has become essential and popular for companies in terms of marketing. But some employers are too busy that’s why there is a growing amount of jobs in the social media managing area. They need people to manage their social account to promote their products or business. In this job listing site, there are tasks that are easy and there are also that are not that easy as it seems. But just like any job market like or, you need to perform tasks and steps before you can collect money to your clients.

PaidSocialMediaJobs Review Conclusion

As a summary, if you are someone looking for ways to make extra income from home and on your spare time, Paid Social Media Jobs can be a good thing. There are competitive social media jobs out there but PSMJ can be worth a try.

Be a Social Manager now and get paid! Get your PaidSocialMediaJobs here


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