An Affilorama Review – Is it Legit?

Affilorama Review

Are you struggling on how to make and build money online? Or you’ve tried but failed? Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of making money online and it should be at the top of your list.

Affilorama is a user-friendly affiliate marketing community that will guide and show you on how to earn money online through this strategic marketing job. This is an internet marketing training site with online courses that can then help in maximizing profits as an affiliate.




Affilorama  Overview

Let me start with a small bit of history about Affilorama. It was founded by Mark Ling in the year 2005 who is a well-known entrepreneur, experienced affiliate marketer and the owner of “Jamorama” and “Rocket Piano”. The company’s mission is to provide the user a step-by-step procedure from a beginner’s level to advanced, on how to build a successful affiliate online business. Continue reading below for my unbiased professional Affilorama review below.


  • Free membership along with other things that are free of charge like interviews with other top marketers.
  • Affilorama teaches you from basic how to make money online through affiliate marketing with no rambling and beating around the bush.
  • Get support and feedback from experienced affiliate members and learn valuable ideas from them.
  • Affilorama basic premium package is very affordable

Training contents are excellent but there are some critical flaws in some of the training materials when applied to your online business.

  • Some have outdated sections such as: back linking strategies and posting private label rights (PLR) content on your website. This can cause you lose rankings on Google since the strategies you will apply on your website are not up-to-date and duplicate contents also de-rank your site.
  • It’s easy to get confused as to which membership level you should start because of too many upsells in the program. Especially for beginners, this would be confusing as to what to choose. They are all appealing but unclear on the product that meets your interest and focus to succeed.
  • There maybe times that you will get delayed support. There are support team members or Mark Ling himself but they cannot assist every question that’s why you will get a reply in the next few days or so.


  • Free membership coverage: – Includes basic things which an affiliate marketer should know and the initial setup, e.g., website building, content creation to PPC and search engine optimization as well. 20 hours of video training
  • Premium Membership – $1 for the 1st month and then $67 for the succeeding months. Cancel anytime is also provided as an option. In contrary to the free membership, which teaches basic things, the premium package offers complete and in-depth training
    • – 100+ free video lessons
    • – advanced training videos
    • – product creation training
    • – Free hosting for 15 domains
      • $497 for three years + upsells
      • 30-day Money-back guarantee

            So, for those who are serious about affiliate marketing, premium package is recommended because it offers many advance and in-depth training.

Within the Affilorama membership, aside from their online courses, you’ve also got other products as well.

  • Affilorama Portal
  • Community comprised with elite Affilorama affiliate members where you can get lots of support, tips and answers for any of your money making questions.
  • Affilorama have training lessons, written materials and tons of videos which are going to teach you all about affiliate marketing.


  • AffiloTheme

This theme is like an additional accessory for your own website. Although it has many features like opt-in form templates, squeeze page, affiliate link cloaking, header creator and popover generator as well, honestly speaking it is good but not that necessary. This costs $97.

  • AffiloBluePrint

These are the guidelines or the LEARN part of Affilorama. It contains hundreds of videos, covering a wide range of topics ranging from creating a website from scratch, writing content and then ranking it on the web.

Pay attention to its excellent videos because you will have some exercise or activity which must done by you. But it’s quite easy to follow and to understand as well. This feature costs a one time payment of $197. But the Affilotheme will be free of charge if you will get this AffiloBluePrint. So for those who want only this education package and do not want to join the premium membership, Affiloblueprint is for you.


Is Affilorama legit? Yes, this marketing tool is genuine and not a scam. You can try Affilorama. It’s a great place to make money online and get good learning about affiliate marketing. Users will definitely gain good knowledge from the beginning to the advanced level. So all in all, Affilorama is a recommended site for those serious and persevered in making money online.

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Author: Mary Or

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