Best of Internet Marketing for November 2017


Affiliate sales from Amazon aren’t the only way to monetize your site. You can do sponsored posts, ads, software, services, anything. This post gives a broad overview of the many ways you can turn your blog into a money rainmaker. But, my best advice is to stick with mastering one thing first though. If your site focuses on the Amazon associates program, stay focused with that until you’ve reached your monthly income goal.


Although we don’t recommend Flippa and it’s the main reason why HPD came to be. People were selling crap all over the place there and getting scammed. Then we came in to provide a worthwhile service with Done-For-You starter sites.

In any case, I know that there can be some good ideas exchanged there. Here are 45 sites that were listed on Flippa to show it’s possible to build a site on anything.


First off, anyone that grabbed the twitter handle “SEO” has probably been around for a while haha. 

This is one of my favourite content pieces SEMrush has put out. They’ve really stepped up their game lately. If you’re looking for some specific guidelines to apply in order to grab that featured snippet position – look no further!


At this point, Chris is an alumni to the Best of IM! One thing that’s really unique about this post is that he added 5 unique examples to go along with this monster post. One is related to .gov links and another favourite is called the “second barrel guest post.” Funny enough, this link building guide has earned itself an organic link from us!


In case you missed it, 2 weeks ago we came back from the Chiang Mai SEO conference with heads full of ideas + a few key SEO enlightenments. One of those was on Clickstream data and how it differs from Google Keyword Planners data. One of the most interesting and useful facts about Clickstream data is you’re able to generate a Click-Through-Rate curve. Not all positions are equal!


Welcome back to another collection of the best internet marketing content of the month! For 4 weeks straight, we go on a hunting spree and track down the most valuable content we can find for helping you build an online business.

With affiliate site building in mind, here’s what you can expect:

  • Tips on increasing your site speed
  • Ways to monetize your site beyond affiliate marketing
  • Weird niches proving a site can be made about anything
  • The science behind getting the featured snippet
  • Solid outreach tactics with scripts
  • Plus, the truth about Google Keyword Planner‘s search data

Again, if you like any of these in particular or would like to see more on a specific topic – shoot us a comment below!


Tung takes this post to another level. The best part about this post is that he’s teaching you to do the big things first and the small things afterwards. So you’re always seeing incremental improvements along the way. One of my favourite tips were to watch for the size of your social sharing plugins and to utilize a CDN, they’re free anyways!

Author: Mary Or

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